Euro-Tour 2017

The European Tour

for Peace and Non-Violence

began on 4 October 2017 when 4 monks, Tenzin Palasang Rinpoche, Dr. Lobsang Shedup, Geshe Tashi Tsering and Geshe Tenzin Dhakpa, from Gaden Jangtse Monastery arrived in Italy.

The monks were invited by Jangtse Thoesam Dharma center in Taranto, Italy and by Tso Pema Non-Profit in Rome, Italy.

Welcome to Roma!

Dr. Lobsang Shedup worked very hard his first days in Rome as there were many appointments for Tibetan astrology charts and naturopath visits.


Rome, 7-8 October:

The tour began on such a positive note in a Kundalini Yoga center, YogaDharma, just outside of Rome.  In one day and a half the monks made a sand mandala for Cenresig, to the joy of all the people present.   


YogaDharma center just outside of Rome


A cake with the Tibetan flag and “Tashi Delek” was offered to the monks

May Peace Prevail on Earth



Rome, 8 October:

Tibetan fundraising dinner for around 50 people in a well-known restaurant in Rome, Macinanti

Monks praying after the dinner

Geshe Lobsang Soepa serving dinner

RinpocheLa thanking the Macinanti family



San Leo, 12-14 October:

The second stop on the first part of the tour took the monks to a very small town more than 300 kms north east of Rome.  

There was a photography show of an Italian man, Ulisse Nardini, friend of HH the 14th Dalai Lama, who passed away 10 years ago.  He had visited Tibet and India and had taken beautiful pictures … so the monks fit in perfectly.  Once again they pleased everyone with their Cenresig mandala!

A class of elementary school children came to visit one day.  We later learned that they were truly impressed by the work that the monks were doing when some of them returned in the evening with their parents!

Khata for Ulisse Nardini’s daughter

In the meanwhile, Dr. Lobsang Shedup prepared numerous Tibetan astrology charts.


The monks thank Claudio Cardelli, president of Italia-Tibet, for organizing this part of the tour!

The monks thank Claudio Cardelli, president of Italia-Tibet, for organizing this part of the tour!

School children watching the monks work on the mandala

Manzano di Mori, 16-22 October:

The tour pushed itself another 300+ kilometers north to the Tupten Osel Ling Center of Sogan Rinpoche in a small pre-Alps town.  

Tupten Osel Ling Dharma Center

 On Saturday, 21 October, Tenzin Palasang RinpocheLa gave a Jenang of Medicine Buddha to more than 30 people, so the monks to make a Medicine Buddha mandala of 1 meter by 1 meter. 


Sunday, 22 October, the monks prepared a lunch of momos and other delicious food for the 45 people who had come to see the ceremony for the dissolution of the mandala.


Medicine Buddha mandala

Everyone ready for the ceremony to dissolve the mandala




Early Sunday morning the monks were already preparing lunch for the many guests


Happy faces after the delicious lunch! The monks were honoured to have the Mayor and other local political figures at the lunch and following ceremony.  Many thanks to our gracious hostesses Cinzia Pezzarini and Michela Ghirardini!

One free morning spent on Lake Garda



Il Canavese, Piemonte, 23-29 October:

This time the monks tour took them 300+ kilometers to northwestern Italy.

They monks were invited to construct two small mandalas, cook one dinner, teach how to make momos and give meditations in various places during their week long stay.  

RinpocheLa teaching how to make momos!

Preparing dinner for more than 55 guests

A fire juggling show honouring the monks presence, after dinner.

The fire jugglers

Bellono Palace in Romano Canavese

Compassion Buddha mandala, Bellono Palace, Romano Canavese

Ceremony before mixing up the sands of the beautiful Cenresig mandala


Meditation in an ayurvedic holistic center in Torino


Torino 28-29 October

Namastè Holistic Center, Torino, Italy

One of Dr. Shedup’s many, many patients and his translators!

Cenresig Mandala

Thanking the organizers in Torino: Anna Angrisani and her daughter Stefania Matteazzi

Saying goodbye after the last sand mandala was dissolved with the main organizers, Manuela Nessi and Rosella Visetti


Well-deserved pizza party on the last night of the Piemonte part of the tour.

On our way back to Rome. 650+ kilometers!


Rome to Taranto 1 November  

Leaving Rome … saying goodbye to Geshe Lobsang Soepa



Taranto, Italy – 1 November

Safe arrival in Taranto Italy and greeted by Geshe Chemi Tsewang and Mrs.Vittoria Albano, president of Jangtse Thoesam Dharma Center


Taranto 2 November: Jangtse Thoesam Dharma Center

Puja before beginning the Cenresig mandala

Naturapath Dr. Shedup with a patient